The Evidence Behind This Shocking Kratom News

The Evidence Behind This Shocking Kratom News

In the Kratom news today, Dave Herman, chairman of the American Kratom Association, revealed some very astounding opinions and documents mistakenly released by the Food and Drug Administration.

These reports revealed a complete and total bias against Kratom powder. What you read here today will demonstrate the calculated and manipulative efforts on behalf of the FDA to ban this plant in America.

Staying up to date on Kratom news in our community is a responsibility you and I both share. We owe it, not only to ourselves, but to the entire congregation as an entity. Staying educated and informed is crucial, especially now that we can be pretty certain that the government is not being truthful or forthcoming when it comes to Kratom and the policies related to Kratom.

Let’s discuss.

As citizen, you would like to think that being able to trust different arms of our government wouldn’t be a difficult thing.

However, for a responsible Kratom consumer, you need to be on top of all the Kratom news related items that come out of Washington. We should definitely be able to trust the FDA, but in recent light of some of their actions and false accusations against Kratom, it’s very difficult to hand over our trust.


Recently, Dave Herman, sent out an email to those people who are subscribed to the American Kratom Association email list (get on that if you’re not already).

According to the AKA, FDA Director Scott Gottlieb’s biased opinions about Kratom have filtered into the entire bureaucracy at the FDA – here’s how the story unfolds…


On July 12, 2018

An FDA staffer sends an email to a superior and asks if she will “create work assignments” so they can conduct additional tests on seized kratom being held under the Import Alert.


Mr. Herman began to explain that what followed this request was “incredible”.


The answer to the staffer’s request was, “hopefully it [the Kratom] will test positive and can get a voluntary destruction.”


What the FDA had done with the required testing was to justify the original seizure. In other words, they “confirmed the product to be Kratom”.


According to the FDA Import Alert, this is all they are legally required to do under the Import Alert.


But the fact remains that the staffer pointed out this Kratom did not have microbiology testing performed on the product. Generally, the FDA would not perform a microbiology test during an Import Alert because it is not labeled as the standard operating procedure for this type of claim.


However, the FDA staffer proved their deep bias against Kratom when they began to perform the microbiology testing on the powder “hoping linking this product to the salmonella outbreak”.


Acting on Science and Not Bias

The FDA is supposed to follow guidelines that are based on scientific evidence and findings. In doing so, they are protecting the public and the consumers from a variety harmful products.

This is the law – to act on scientific evidence.


Kratom News and The Fight

Currently, Dave Herman is pretty upset about this premature bias against Kratom without first accepting scientific evidence. The American Kratom Association has announced they will be fighting this bias with everything they have.

The AKA will be hiring lawyers to review the current documentation on this despicable act against Kratom and they need us to help them fight.

It is important for every Kratom consumer to spread the message about what the FDA is trying to do regarding Kratom. It is imperative that you make a difference today by educating your representatives about the FDA and their biases (not science) against Kratom.


In Conclusion

I realize today’s Kratom news is a little shocking, and seeing as how our FDA has their site set on banning this plant, we’ve got to stay vigil with our continued fight. Make sure you are doing what you can do to spread this message. The FDA wants this Kratom knowledge to be buried. They would rather have the public on their side during this witch hunt. We can stop it. Share this post as your first act to help in this war on Kratom.


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