Kratom Strains For Soreness

Kratom For Soreness

Get the best strains of Kratom with powerful pain-relieving properties.

At Craving Kratom, we provide a variety of Kratom strains harvested from the purest sources with absolutely no contaminations. We are a trusted manufacturer and we ensure that our catalog of different strains are hand-picked for our customers worldwide. In order to deliver the highest quality of Kratom to our customers, all of our listed strains pass through rigorous lab testing procedures to guarantee that there is no adulteration and mixing with other herbs. We specify what strain works for what conditions and we invite our customers to patronize us for their trusted and high-quality Kratom powder and capsules.

How does Kratom relive soreness?

One of the most prominent uses of Kratom is as a traditional pain medication. Whether you are suffering from chronic pain conditions that are both consistent and repetitive or mild soreness, there are Kratom strains designed to provide you with the relief you need.

Kratom is very high in alkaloids, a component that offers morphine imitating pain-relieving effect without creating any form of addiction or dependency. When ingested, these alkaloids bind with the opiate receptors in the brain thereby causing the release of endorphins and enkephalins that desensitizes your body’s pain receptors.

Unlike morphine and other opioids, Kratom does not activate the recruitment of Beta-arrestins, a chemical group responsible for a majority of the sides effects associated with opioid consumption. This means that the effects of Kratom are less severe and offers a low chance of withdrawal or addiction.

Common Kratom strains for pain relief

At Craving Kratom, we bring you a wide variety of strains each with different properties and conditions for which they are best suited. The alkaloids mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine are present in different strains in varying amounts and are the major reason for their analgesic properties. The following strains are some of the most readily available and well-known strains with the highest concentration of these alkaloids;

Maeng Da strains

Available as green, red and white vein Thai strains, the Maeng Da is one of the strongest Kratom strains for pain. Its strength makes it very effective for people suffering from chronic pain conditions including severer arthritis or even cancer. When ingested in larger doses, Maeng Da strains will typically create a strong sedating effect. It delivers an uplifting euphoric feeling and provides just the right amount of pain-numbing effects.
Bali Kratom strains

Kratom powder sourced from Bali is available in Red white and gold strains. These strains are known for their high concentration of 7-hydroxymitragynine and other pain relieving alkaloids. This makes the Bali Kratom powder a powerful pain-relieving strain.
Malay strains

Malay Kratom strains have a milder pain-relieving effect than its aforementioned counterparts. It is perfect for people who suffer from mild or occasional pain.

Much like the Maeng Da strains, Borneo Kratom strains are also very potent and powerful. Therefore it is best used in smaller doses. If you suffer from chronic muscle or joint pain, then this strain might be just what you need.
If you are experiencing any kind of pain whether mild or chronic, try out our Kratom strains and experience the natural herbal relief. Check through our numerous strains and pick any of the recommended types for pain relief today!