Side Effects Pertaining To Kratom Usage

The physical side effects of kratom may vary in intensity depending on the dose ingested and how often the individual takes it. Because it’s addictive, daily kratom use can eventually lead to mental and physical dependence. Kratom is another highly dangerous drug that contains a variety of harmful chemicals, many of which are often unknown to the user.

There are several negative kratom side effects which include – Numbness in the mouth or tongue, Dry mouth, Excessive weight loss, Muscle pains, Chills, Drowsiness, Depression, Nausea and vomiting, Constipation, Aggression, Thyroid issues, Hallucinations, Delusions, Breathing problems, Seizures, Liver damage and/or failure.

The side effects of kratom are mainly due to improper kratom dosage usually begin after five to ten minutes and can last for up to five hours. As the dose of the drug increases, so do its side effects. The most severe side effects are seizures, coma, and death. Like other addictive drugs, abusing kratom for a long period of time can lead to mental and physical dependence. Without professional help, a person with a kratom addiction may struggle to stop using it on their own, increasing their risk of overdose, coma, and death. Our residential drug treatment in Boca separates patients from their environments and other people and things that could influence their addiction to help them focus on their recovery. Being separated from outside distractions and temptations has proven effective time and time again when it comes to addiction treatment.

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