Are you taking the right Kratom Dosage?

The right Kratom dosage would depend upon several factors such as your age, health status, and other conditions. While people are still trying to figure out the exact dosage that is recommended for every situation, but there is still a rough dosage figure that you can go for. Always keep in mind that no natural product is 100% safe, so consuming the right dosage would be essential to get Kratom benefits. Also, you must consult your pharmacist, healthcare profession, or a physician before consuming Kratom.

To further complicate things, measurements aren’t always consistent for all types of Kratom products, be it Kratom powders, Kratom capsules, Kratom extract, or CBD Kratom. You must buy a precise digital scale to measure the doses since the same quantity of Kratom of equal size would have different weights given the different forms of products.

If you aren’t aware of the proper dosage of Kratom that you should be consuming, always start with a small amount and gradually build up over time. This way you can find out what is the safest and most effective way forward for you. For beginners, consuming just 2-3 grams would be the starting point. Make sure that you’re consuming it early morning on an empty stomach.

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