NEW! Ultra Enhanced Yellow Vein Kratom Powder


Mitragynine levels of around 30% – which makes this product’s Mitragynine content approximately 30 times higher than premium leaf/powder/capsules!



We are excited to bring you our new formulation of Ultra Enhanced Yellow Vein. Made from pure alkaloids of deveined Yellow Vein kratom and then applied to our favorite Bali leaf, UEI is standardized at 17% alkaloids by weight.

Our Yellow Vein is blended with this extract mix of 25x Yellow Vein and resin powder in a 3:1 ratio; that is, 4 grams of ultra enhanced Yellow Vein is a blend of 3 grams raw Yellow Vein powder and 1 gram of extract powder mix. This ratio provides significantly higher concentrations of the medicinal flavonoids and alkaloids than what is typically sold in the marketplace as ultra enhanced kratom. In fact, you can actually see the concentrated extract in our ultra enhanced kratom powders!

The result is a more potent version of the standard Yellow Strain, so the effects will be as described for our Yellow Vein, but “enhanced.” This should be considered when selecting dosage. Please see the product description for our Yellow Vein for more information.

Yellow Vein kratom gives you an intensely satisfying aroma that is meant for experienced kratom buyers. Ultra Enhanced Yellow Vein starts as our premium Yellow Vein kratom powder before being enhanced with ultra-pure alkaloid extracts to increase the potency. This gives you a more powerful version of a trusted kratom strain, so you get more aroma for your money.

Premium Enhanced Yellow Vein Kratom Powder

The base for our Yellow Vein kratom is organically-grown leaves harvested from the mineral-rich jungles and forests of Indonesia. Local growers choose the finest leaves for our Ultra Enhanced Indo, leaving the rest to keep the tree strong and healthy for future harvest. Once these leaves are processed into a fine powder, the fresh kratom is then enhanced with the indole alkaloids that make kratom such a prized ethnobotanical.

Most producers of Yellow Vein Da kratom add 1,250mg of mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine to 25g their enhanced powder. At Kratora, we add 20% more — a full 1,500mg per 25g — so that the aroma of your kratom is that much more powerful. We then package and import the still fresh Ultra Enhanced Indo powder before shipping it fast to your door.

Potent Powder Delivered

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14g (.5oz), 28g (1oz), 56g (2oz), 112 (4oz)